Case (4 packs) poof diapers 3.0: green loops

$ 49.89

$ 63.96

poof diapers 3.0:  the first fully biodegradable and compostable* diaper that is certified ANTIBACTERIAL 

  • The SAFEST diapers  certified with global standards made with NON GMO sustainable materials and antibacterial features to help prevent that miserable diaper rash-by preventing new bacteria from growing and multiplying. 
  • in 14 weeks, composts into non Agricultural end use soil.*
  • HIGHER PERFORMING triple wetness indicator, so the guessing game is over
  • ULTRA WIDE perforated smooth side bands-for all their movement
  • 3D fit- our silhouette is rounded and contoured to cover  the curves for a snug fit-higher and longer length to help with blowouts and nighttime leaks, and wider bottom to contain side leaks- all to keep your little ones sleeping longer
  • super soft and feels like a silk scarf- cool and smooth. Looks amazing too with couture inspired designs printed with soy-based inks

now that's what we call back up support

*commercial compost facilities

wear.use.dispose + poof...

sizing: Our 3D fit accommodates a wider range of shapes and sizes. We recommend using the weight for the chart below.

(N) up to 15 lbs - 160 count

(1) up to 20 lbs - 132 count  

(2) 11-22 lbs - 120 count 

(3) 22-34 lbs - 104 count  

(4) 30-50 lbs - 88 count


*please check your local area composting facilities for regulations