real FLUSHABLE wipes

The Royal FLUSH
Odds are 1 in 2,598,960.
Odds of finding an ECOflushable wipe? until NOW...
Introducing- poof ECOFLUSHABLE premium wipes
the only fully biodegradable FLUSHABLE CHEMICAL FREE wipes.  
Made with 4 ingredients-Vegetable plant based material, deionized water
aloe vera extract, and NON GMO glycerin.
For the wipes you use and toss away-choose composting or flushing.
 Soft and thick and perfect for messy faces
hands and ALL those diaper changes
not to mention how wonderful they are at removing
those dribs and drool that show up on your clothes.
They work around the house too
lint and residue-free
poof FLUSHABLE wipes.
Pair them with poof diapers and the odds are in your favor.