poof diapers 3.0-what diapers should do


poof. a California brand.  

We have created REVOLUTIONARY, earth safe products for babies+moms.  
First in their class, we are setting a NEW standard
with reimagined design that provides a safe choice for all parents.
poof is the result of our passion.
Our attention to detail+modern design led us to create products to simplify the daily parenting routine with products that are convenient, perform great and look even better.
first biodegradable.
first antibacterial-bacteriostatic.
first chemical free.
highly differentiated features.
better performing. 

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3D DesignUltra Wide perforated side fasteners 

 Non binding breathable tabs.


Tripe Bar Wetness Indicator 

Silky smooth-like wearing a silk scarf!

Longer to prevent blowouts. 
















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