our story.

Diaper Change 8111 and counting

How it all began.

Award winning designer, Visionary, Founder and Mother of five-

Debra Lee founded after thousands of diaper changes

they often left her feeling frustrated by the inadequate features  of the diapers  and guilty from the impact on our environment. She imagined there must be a better solution with the rapid advancements in technology.

 Her Textile Science background helped her partner with a cutting edge textile engineering firm.  This was the driving force behind poof.

It all started with a vision.

 Taking a well known useful necessary product,  and utilizing technology and innovation we discovered that a diaper did not need to last 500+ years but instead only hours.

We have created superior, high performing, environmentally responsible diapers and mom consumer products that minimizes the impact on our planet.

Better for your baby. Better for our planet.

poof = CHANGE