how it all began...

Why did I create these products?  After having my fourth child, I decided that enough was enough!  I could not find a disposable diaper on the market that was both eco-friendly AND stylish and comfortable for my babies.  I was frustrated by the inadequate features of the diapers and guilty about the impact on the environment.  I knew that there had to be a better solution with the rapid advancements in technology.  

I have a textile science background, so I got to work building upon the features of a premium disposable diaper using newly engineered sustainable materials.  I was able to create a superior, high performance and environmentally responsible diaper that minimizes the impact on our planet.  I hope you feel as good about these diapers as I do.

So, on Earth Day 2015 I’m so happy to announce that soon my environmentally friendly products will soon be in stores across the nation.  Today you can easily find them online at and  Happy Earth Day!


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