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  • fully compostable*

    Certified. World wide compostable standards. We discovered diapers do not need to last 500+ years, only hours. Made with sustainable materials. Break down begins at 4-6 months. In commercial facilities, composted in 14 weeks into non agricultural end use soil .Safer for our future.

  • antibacterial+bacteriostatic

    The FIRST ANTIBACTERIAL+BACTERIOSTATIC diaper. No more messy creams, ointments or sprays. poof diapers 3.0 helps eliminate those terrible rashes without using chemicals, surfactants, embedded materials, or lotions.

  • non GMO

    Our innovative, new proprietary material designed to wick away moisture from the skin, and made with NON-GMO corn. Smooth, silky and soft, and feels like you're wearing a silk scarf.

  • chemical free

    We created SAFER products without the use of harsh chemicals, additives or fragrances. Chlorine and lead free. Formulated for sensitive skin. Better for your BABY. Better for our PLANET.

  • higher performing

    Utilizing technology and innovation, we created a 3D shape to fit better, wider perforated side bands to feel better, and longer rise to perform better.

  • The couture collection

    The better you look, the better you feel. Our couture inspired designs are printed with soy based inks. Looks count.

Buy 4 packs [1 case-160-88 diapers] Green loops

$ 55.96
Safer for the Earth. Safer for your baby.

Safer for the Earth. Safer for your baby.

We created the FIRST FULLY compostable diapers with differentiated features -products that break down in 4-6 months, can be composted*, made without chlorine, and higher performing.

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poof means more ZZzzzzzzzz.

poof means more ZZzzzzzzzz.

The First diaper certified with ANTIBACTERIAL+BACTERIOSTATIC features without any chemicals, lotions or surfactants. Less irritations and less diaper rash=happy little ones.

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